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Our designs

Almost every building around us tells a story, whether it be a historical landmark, a family home or a modern office.

It's this appreciation of the buildings around us, especially during Lockdown, which re-ignited our passion for drawing. 

Take a look here at our prints of historical Lichfield and hand-drawn illustrations of houses and buildings around the Country.

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Lichfield prints

Lichfield is a City of history and beauty. Increasingly popular with tourists and a close community for locals, this small City has so much beauty which we have tried to capture in our hand-drawn illustrations. 

Available to buy as 10'x8' prints, greeting cards and postcards. 

Commissioned illustrations

We can draw any house or other building from a photograph so don't worry if  you're not local or want to order one as a gift. 


Our hand-drawn illustrations fit into a 10'x8' frame with a mount and are the ideal personalised gift or simply something for your own home.


Since each illustration takes around 5-6 hours to complete we limit orders to 5 per week so order now to book your slot.


Other locations

We're working on some exciting new illustrations but these take time... so for now, you can browse our current designs in the shop using the link below. 

If you can't find a picture of a place you're looking for you why not order one as a commission or contact us to have a chat.

Birmingham Library

Birmingham Library


Coming  soon

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